If you're visiting L.A.'s new restaurant Bucato (3280 Helms Ave.), you'll have to refrain from checking your cell phone every five minutes—or at all. The restaurant asks that customers only use mobile devices in specific areas and refrain from taking pictures, which means no Instagramming your meal:

It is our intention that you enjoy your time with us, savoring both your meal and your company. We kindly ask that you refrain from using your mobile device within the dining area. All photography within Bucato is politely discouraged. Thank you.

In an interview with Eater LA, general manager Ed Keebler said that this policy was implemented to end "gastro ADD," which is a tendency to enjoy the anti-social sanctity of technology rather than your meal and surroundings. You know us damned millennials can't appreciate anything other than tweets and food porn

Keebler has not revealed how the restaurant will discipline people who use their phones outside of the designated cell phone area, but he said he plans to reinforce the rule. We think a massive bouncer tossing customers out of the restaurant like Uncle Phil did to Jazz on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air would be appropriate, if not for the potential lawsuit.

[via Eater]