Have you ever spent time recording an Instagram video, just to have it crash while uploading? Chances are, you probably have. 

With the app's latest update, those headaches can now be a thing of the past: Instagram is finally letting users import videos from their phone's camera roll. It's just like the classic photo uploading, but now with videos. If you have a video sitting in your camera that is longer than 15 seconds (you know you do), you'll now be able to edit clips and trim them down to size before uploading. 

Also, if your video came out a little on the crooked side, you can now straighten them out with a few clicks. 

This addition helps improves Instagram's video features, especially considering that excitement around it has slowed, and Vine hasn't exactly died out just as everyone had been expecting. 

Download Instagram version 4.1 for iOS here, and Android here

[via TechCrunch]