On Saturday night, a riot reportedly erupted at a juvenile correctional facility in Avon Park, Fla. following a dispute over Cup of Noodles. The madness began when kids from Orlando and St. Petersburg agreed to bet on three Cup of Noodles soups pending the outcome of a pickup basketball game at Avon Partk Youth Academy. Following the St. Petersburg team's loss, they renegged on the deal. Chaos ensued.

Both teams began fighting and other soons joined the melee. The facility was forced to evacuate its staff because they were not prepared to handle the situation, and the fight rapidly grew into a full-scale riot. Eighteen of the campus' 20 buildings were damaged and the building that hosts inmates records was set on fire. 

The riot illicited the response of 150 law enforcement officers, many of whom were forced to don full riot gear. The juveniles were taken to other prisons in the area; eight of them were injured including one who suffered a broken leg. No staff members or law enforcement members were hurt. 

The riot is now under investigation by the Polk County Sheriff's Department.

[via Gawker]