The last time we saw Cassie and Gladys, Cassie looked as if she was ready to take it to Gladys’ jaw after she found out that her online boo thang “Steven” was really a combination of Gladys and her cousin. Last night, the two exchanged hugs and smiles, and it looked as if Cassie and Gladys had gotten as close to Oprah-and-Gayle status as a big betrayal could allow. In Cassie’s mind, while it's still messed up that Gladys and her kin cooked up an imaginary man, she understands that it helped her deal with her depression. Cassie explained, “For her to go out of her way just to like kinda save me, how could I let that friendship end, ya know? How could I let that friendship end?”

I mean, personally, I’d maybe unblock you on Twitter and Facebook and give you a “like” every now and again, but it’d take me a little longer before I allowed you to send me text messages. Different strokes.