Average rent: $1,542
Lifestyle perkParty with Mark Zuckerberg and co. in nearby Palo Alto
Total days of sunshine: 257
Average yearly temperature: 70°

As the 3rd largest city in California (and 10th in the U.S.), San Jose is conveniently situated in the heart of Silicon Valley. With a strong sense of entrepreneurship, it's the perfect place to take your Brooklyn-based startup to the next level—we're talking about that high tech moolah. No struggle PR salaries here and second (and third) jobs just to make rent here.

San Jose is conveniently located a stone's throw away from places like San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Oakland, making it a central hub for Northern California. Weekend jaunts just got a lot more interesting.

The rent, while not cheap, is still well under the whopping 3K New Yorkers pay on average,  and the crime rates are lower, too. Plus, there's something to be said about walking down the street without oversized rats rummaging through the trash, and edging you off the sidewalk.