Console(s): N64

If you want to argue that Goldeneye isn't the greatest multiplayer game of all time, then go ahead. You're may be right. But in terms of accessibility, and nostalgic value, it's hard to beat this classic N64 FPS. And when you're playing video games in a dorm, those are really the most important qualities. Casual gamers that inhabit your average university housing don't want to play newer titles that they may be unfamiliar with, and they don't want to have to try and learn an entirely foreign set of controls if they haven't updated to a seventh-gen console yet.

Goldeneye is just one of those games that everyone knows, and the N64 was a system that everyone had. There's nothing intimidating about either of them. If you're looking for a easy way to meet some new companions—i.e. a common ground that you can all relate to—then this is as good an option as you could choose.