If you don't care about space, you can rent a box on New York's Lower East Side. No, we're dead serious—you can rent this actual wooden box for $1,367 per month. Airbnb posted a listing to a wooden box located in a parking lot that, shockingly, has now been removed by the owner and landlord. Because skilled Internet users know how to keep things like this alive on the web, the most pertinent specifics have been saved for your amusement. 

Even though it appears to be very well designed, it's still a wooden box without any toilet or running water. For bathroom access, you'll have to walk to another property or use a 24-hour gym to shower. So where do you vomit on Saturday morning after you've had one too many? In the wooden box, because you essentially reside in an outhouse. On the plus side, you can pick up "intermittent" Internet service. 

Future residents will be given linens and blankets, and there's a pretty sweet kettle that you can make coffee or tea with. The real kicker is that someone actually expected people to pay nearly $1,400 monthly for this prime real estate. 

[via Curbed NY]