Travel time: 1hr 45min
What to bring: A whole lot of love
Best for: Friendship bracelets and history books

Just drive for two hours down I-95 South, and you'll hit Philadelphia. Even though it may seem a bit overkill to go from one big city to another, Philly is one of those places you just have to check out for yourself—if not for the history, at least for the cheesesteak. Besides, it's the birthplace of America, son. Along with the countless museums and historic landmarks, the city is rapt in pop culture. To escape the tour guides and screaming kids, hit up South Street for a memorable night out with a funky crowd. Remember that cheesesteak we talked about? Yeah, you can find one of those on South Street. While you're down there, also worth checking out is Philadelphia's Magic Gardens—an indoor/outdoor mosaic sculpture garden that spans half a block, providing plenty of Instagram photo ops for you thirsty hashtaggers.