Where: Charcoal Inn South
City: Sheboygan, WI
1313 South 8th St.
Website: charcoalinn.com 
Cost: $4.10 

Mmmm...gut. There’s a reason “good” in German looks the same as “gut” in English. Because when you push a juicy Bratwurst down your glory hole, it makes your gut feels so good. That’s why the Bratwurst burger at Charcoal Inn South is so genius. It’s a crunchy, toasty roll in the perfect condition to soak up the meat from a cheddar-topped brat patty and the butter they use to replace the catsup. Top that cholesterol fest off with some raw onions and brown mustard and you might not be able to make out with anyone for a while, but who needs to when you just made sweet mouth love to this “gut” burger.