We are fast approaching the end of the second season of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, and the world couldn’t be sadder, especially after last night’s terrific episode. Although many viewers—this writer included—are still trying to find direct contact info for producers of the show to complain about the lack of Joseline Hernandez-focused episodes, everyone has to admit that the supporting cast is definitely pulling its weight. 

In a single episode, we saw singing dreams on full and, in some cases, embarrassing display, a battle of trill mamas, and a no good cheater getting his denim vest set on fire in a moving tribute to Bernadine from Waiting to Exhale. Not to be outdone, we witnessed Mimi fail to fall for the okie doke when it comes to Stevie J. Surely that’ll change by part two of the reunion, but you know, give people their props when deserved.

That said, here’s a rundown of last night’s edition and what we can all pull from it. And just so we’re clear, Kirk is really, really, really bad. He's so vexing, Nicki Minaj should curse him out every single week for the rest of his life. Why? Because he deserves it. Now, on with the show about the show.

Written by Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick)

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