Sometimes logging into a site with a Facebook or Twitter account is a little easier than creating a whole new account. It keeps things simple—you don't have to remember another username or password—and the site will be connected to your account, so you can post status updates even easier than before.

Yet, a recent study from Janrain shows that instead of Twitter, LinkedIn or Yahoo, Google+ is becoming the go-to for logging into websites, just behind Facebook. The chart shows Facebook with the lead with a 46 percent hold, while Google+ comes in second with a 34 percent hold, far and above third place Yahoo, which only claims 7 percent of social logins. 

Google+ only launched in June 2011, and now has more than 500 registered users, 343 million of them active users. In the all important department of 'active users', Google+ comes in second as well, as Facebook has an estimated billion users with 700 million of them being active. Yet, according to a report from Searchmetrics, Google's '+1s' are catching up to Facebook's 'likes'. Likes are being shared 10 percent more each month, while +1s are being shared 19 percent more each month.

Searchmetrics estimates that Google will pass Facebook in 2016, with 1,096 billion +1s being shared a month.