How come we recommend Macy's over all of the other unbearably busy midtown department stores? Macy's employees just care a little bit less, and that makes all the difference. A generous tourist discount that draws a capacity crowd coupled with reportedly unbearable management have produced a workforce at Macy's Herald Square that cares less than any  we've retail staff we've ever encountered. It's hard to blame them: with the shrieking babies, inhumane restroom line, and uninspiring merchandise, it would be tough for anyone to put their best foot forward in this environment. The staff's loss of soul is your gain, as they won't bat an eye if you and your lady sneak into the changing room for a quickie. Don't be bashful about asking her to use her discount to get you a nice pair of slacks while you're there: multi-tasking is an essential skill for any New Yorker.