As Google Glass picks up steam, so has its content.

It hasn't been long since Google Glass' first x-rated app, Tits and Glass, was removed from the Glassware hub just hours after it was released; but as the device becomes more accessible, the adult industry is finding ways to improvise. Enter James Deen and Tits and Glass maker, Mikandi: along with fellow adult star Andy San Dimas, Deen has just made the first professionally made Google Glass x-rated film (we say professionally made because, well, we're sure there have been some wild Google Glass wearers out there so far.) Remember, along with every film, comes a trailer—and the one for this film is absolutely... hilarious?

That's right. The trailer for the film spoofs the things Google Glass could be used for one day. Everything from checking the size of a partner's parts, 'sex-syncing', looking up the definitions of each other's dirty words, and getting shopping done while gettin' it on. You can check out the totally NSFW trailer above or here.

Supposedly, Deen and San Dimas weren't sold on Google Glass for sex. Deen's pair kept falling off and getting stuck in San Dimas' hair, and when he was able to keep his on, Deen noted his pair got a little hot after filming for so long.

[via Animal New York]