Who did it: Microsoft

Granted, Microsoft has since listened to the people and removed a great deal of the features they originally intended for the XBox One, but as of a few weeks ago, Microsoft was pretty much enemy number one with most gamers.

The main problems centered on Digital Rights Management (or DRM for short). A lot of people thought they wouldn't be able to purchase used games like they used to, and that there would be limits to what they could and could not do with their games once they owned them.

Many gamers didn't like that. Couple that with a console that had to be signed in online at least once every 24 hours, and many gamers felt that Microsoft was taking things a bit too far. Recently, Microsoft decided to heed what the consumer was saying and have since decided to let used games be as they were. You also don't have to sign in once every 24 hours and the internet doesn't have to be on to play games.

And the people rejoiced. Reservation sales have since gone up.