Platform: Xbox 360

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Back in 2007, Doritos sponsored a contest to let players design and produce their own nacho-inspired Xbox Live Arcade Game. The result was winner Mike Broland’s Doritos: Dash of Destruction, a game where you played a Doritos delivery truck escaping the clutches of a T-Rex with the munchies or said T-Rex in pursuit of some cool ranch flavour. The game was designed largely around easy achievements, but it was released for free, so it’s hard to complain.

The game turned out to be so popular that Doritos held the same contest the following year, but expanded their selection to two games, producing Doritos Crash Course and Harm’s Way. All three of the games had at least a little novelty to them, but with average players inventing the games it’s no huge surprise they weren’t award-winning examples of game design.