After being canceled and then uncanceled, The Killing is officially set to return to AMC next month for a third, Rosie Larsen-free season. There's only been a little info about where the once-promising show is headed plot-wise - most if it consists of touting Peter Sarsgaard's guest-starring role and promising a whole new mystery - but now we finally have a short teaser trailer to give us a better look at what to expect.

In a few words, the 30-second clip can mostly be summarized as: "The Killing season three, back on AMC June 2nd with an all new mystery! Like, really new. Really. No Rosie Larsen. Who is that again, even? Also, we're on the same network as The Walking Dead! Please watch our show." That's basically it, but you can check out the teaser above anyway. 

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[via Vulture]