City: New York
Address: 125 East 11th St.
Capacity: 1,500
Coolest Feature: Of all four levels and five separate rooms, the Grand Ballroom is the best

Crowned as the "Jewel of the Village," Webster Hall was built in 1886 by Charles Rentz. It was used for balls which grew increasingly wilder during the prohibition days, and once it was over, Webster Hall hosted one "The Return of John Barleycorn," one of the most amazing celebrations of the time period.

During the '50s, it opened itself up to new musical genres, hosting performances by artists like Tito Puente and Woodie Guthrie. RCA Records even utilized Webster Hall as a recording venue for a period, and The Ritz ate a lot of its lunch during the '80s by allowing rising rock acts to showcase their talent here. When The Ritz moved, Webster Hall acted on its vacancy, reclaiming its throne following a 1992 vacancy that added state of the art lighting, audio, and video technology. The club hasn't looked back since. Performers ranging from the Misfits to Alicia Keys have all performed, and in 2008, both Webster Hall and its Annex were named a New York City landmark.