City: New York
Address: 239 West 52nd St.
Capacity: 3200
Coolest Feature: Visible whenever David Letterman ventures outside of the studio on the Late Show with David Letterman

The Roseland Ballroom we all know and love today was built in a old ice skating rink, serving as a versatile location for everything from birthday parties to concerts. It's had its trials and tribulations: a teen was shot and killed on the dance floor in 1984 and Fiona Apple crumbled before a sold-out audience only to storm off the stage in 2000. Still, it remains one of New York's best spots for shows, as a number of live albums have been recorded here and many pivotal performances have taken place here.

In August 2011, Beyoncé held four concerts where a select number of fans witnessed Bey perform 4 in its entirety. Portishead recorded its 1998 album Roseland NYC Live here following a 1997 show, and Nicki Minaj treated fans to a two hour free concert on the final U.S. date on her Pink Friday Tour last summer. Most recently, Justin Timberlake crooned his way through an 18-song set while backed by an 11-man band to a room full of MasterCard members. Oh, and of course there was Nirvana's infamous July 1993 performance, where Kurt Cobain reportedly overdosed in his hotel room prior to the show. Remarkably, he was revived and still managed to perform.