Founder: TBS, CNN, TNT, Cartoon Network

There's no television resumé as vast and varied as Ted Turner's. Turner's television career began in the '70s when he leveraged capital gained in the radio and billboard business to get into cable.

Turner was actually in cable television before it was cable television, as he first owned a VHF channel, which he then parlayed into a cable presence. By 1978 Turner's channel had become TBS, which still broadcasts (bad) sitcoms and movies to this day.

After the success of TBS, Turner added to his television stable, creating CNN, TNT, TMC, and Cartoon Network. Turner's media empire continued to grow until Turner Broadcasting's 1996 merger with Time Warner effectively ended its expansion.

Numerous strange achievements came out of Turner's life in media, from popularizing the Atlanta Braves, to forming the WCW and creating Captain Planet. Turner's impact on television is indisputable: His name will be remembered as synonymous with the origin and growth of cable television.