There is just so much to hate about Facebook. What began as a cooler, cleaner version of Myspace has become the dirty laundry hamper for everyone you've ever met. There are moments where Facebook is still good for the reasons you fell in love with it:  you can still peep vacation pictures of your attractive friends and you still get posts from those few people who help keep you informed about culture and politics. Then, there are the other 99% of the people who are just letting you know what they had for dinner, posting Condescending Wonka memes, and providing their two cents on popular conspiracy theories even when no one is listening.

Out of the infinite number of things to hate on Facebook, some rile us more than others. There are those posts that make your blood boil before you finish reading the status, and that's before you get to the ridiculous attached picture and banal comments. Statuses like these perfectly display the vapid, vain, ludicrous nature of social media. They make a compelling argument for the failure of humanity ... and everyone posts them, even you. These are the 20 Things on Facebook We Hate Most.