As if Stop-and-Frisk wasn't terrible enough, the NYPD has been accused of setting up "larceny traps," where they basically try to bait people into committing crimes. According to the Associated Press, Deirdre Myers (pictured above) was sitting on her front stoop with her daughter during the summer of 2010 when a car sped down their block before coming to an abrupt stop. The driver hopped out and fled, while police in another car took off after him.

This is where it gets ridiculous:

Myers' daughter, seeing that the driver left the car door open, went over and peered inside to see personal items that included what looked like a bundle of cash — in reality, a dollar bill wrapped around pieces of newspaper. The girl had called her mother over when another set of police officers suddenly pulled up in a van and forced them to the ground...

This is the "lucky bag operation," an initiative developed in 2006 to catch crooks prone to petty larceny. However, in the case of Myers and her daughter, the police went completely out of their way to try and catch them dirty, despite the fact that they had no criminal intent.

Myers' case was tossed out as a judge felt the NYPD went to great lengths to create ridiculous circumstances for arrest, and the same action will be taken for similar cases.

[via Gawker]

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