Looks like Jason Segel is moving forward with that young adult book series he recently revealed: According to a press release posted by the Wall Street Journal, book publisher Random House has acquired the series, NIGHTMARES!, from the actor and New York Times bestselling author Kirsten Miller

The series, which Segel previously said was based on the first script he ever sold (for "super cheap" because he "didn’t know any better" back then; he subsequently bought it back for the same price eight years later), and is described as "an engaging new middle-grade fiction series... about kids overcoming their fears." Plot-wise, it's an adventure story which follows a group of kids who attempt to save their town from fear, which has taken corporeal form as nightmare creatures in the everyday world. 

"I couldn't be more excited that NIGHTMARES! has found a home at Random House," Segel commented. "Ultimately, it's a story about learning that we can accomplish anything, as long as we are brave enough to try. These are the types of stories that always inspired me."

The series is expected to be released some time in Fall 2014.

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[via Wall Street Journal]