No one is more excited about the fall 2013 release of Grand Theft Auto V than us, trust, we've crunched the numbers.

That still doesn't change the fact that, excited as we are, we still don't know what the cover art for GTA V is going to look like. Or do we? An unfinished wall mural in Manhattan has been spotted showing off what can safely be assumed is the box art for GTA V. Rockstar has used wall murals in the past as marketing tools for building buzz around a title. After the delay of GTA V Rockstar lost some of the forward momentum surrounding the title. Fans were understandably annoyed by the news.

Rockstar will release the fully digital version of the cover art 'soon'. If you're in the city the address is 194 7th Avenue. Take a look at the mural and let us know what you think.