A former Sega employee has dusted off only one of two prototypes of a Sega console that has never seen the light of day.

Super Magnetic, a forum poster over on Assembler Games, claims to be a Sega employee from the golden days of the company. He's been in possession of the Sega Pluto for the better part of 14 years, and claims that this is only one of two that exist.

"It's a Saturn with a Netlink built in. This thing is a beast, and definitely the heaviest console I've ever held in my hands. The front features two controller ports, and on top you have a flip-top drive bay, a cart slot, a Power button, and the venerable Reset button. Note that the logo still says Saturn, so I'm guessing the Pluto codename was simply that, and they were thinking of branding it with the Saturn name. (The logo is printed on production-style though, so I'm guessing they were fairly serious about this one.) The left and right sides feature beautiful-and-exotic vents, while the back is standard Saturn, save for the Netlink ports. The bottom has nothing of note except for the "PLUTO-02" sticker (which is, of course, of note)."

Nothing like strolling down the now darkened halls of Sega history. Makes us think back fondly of our Dreamcast days. Man, we're getting old. What do you think? Was this a system destined to be a footnote? Let us know.

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[via Assembler Games]