A report this morning from the UK's Daily Mail has claimed that two head PR representatives from Activision, have been charged with skimming from the top of that sweet, sweet Call of Duty money pile.

Kathryn Kirton, one of the UK's PR execs for Activision, has stolen "£18,963 to pay for her engagement party, hen party and designer shopping sprees.” That's about $29,000 in real money. We can also assume that hen party is the British equivalent to a bachelorette party.

Also accused of having their hand in the till is Jamie Kaye, a PR consultant accused of stealing £5,000, or $7,600 in 'Merica dollars. Both Kirton and Kaye have pleaded guilty to one count of fraud each. No word from Activision on whether they plan on taking a pinky from each of them or their entire hand. We don't know how the judicial system in Great Britain works.

[via The Daily Mail]