Twitter Handle: @ethanalter
Writes At: "Brilliant But Cancelled" at Television Without PIty

Not all great television criticism has to be current. The reigning rulers of TV nostaligia have to be the writers at Television Without Pity's "Brilliant But Cancelled" blog. A number of pitiless critics contribute to the blog, but Ethan Alter and Rachel Stein are responsible for most of the copy in the backward-glancing feed.

Just because the blog doesn't tackle the shows of the day, doesn't mean it's not topical. The most impressive aspect of Stein and Alter's work is that they consistantly find connections between departed shows of yesteryear and the hits of today.

Insights on favorites like Justified, Lord of the Rings, and Political Animals flow naturally from the discourse on shows that bit the dust before we would've liked. This leads us to perhaps the most important lesson that "Brilliant But Cancelled" has to offer: The line betwen a hit and a bomb is thinner than TV fanatics care to admit.