The attack of the drones continues. The machines’ takeover of planet earth took another strange turn yesterday when a man aboard a flight preparing to land at JFK noticed a drone hovering about 1,500 feet in the air, just miles from the airport. He wasn't crazy: The pilot backed up the man’s claims and said he also saw the black, three-foot-wide drone in the sky. 
Don’t jump to government conspiracies just yet. The FBI and FAA say they have no idea where the drone came from; and when the FBI doesn’t know something, they'll do everything in their power to find out.
Was it a civilian's toy? A terrorist’s drone attempting to collect intel on America’s busiest airport? No one knows as of yet, but regardless of whose it was, it does pose a serious threat. If a three-foot-wide piece of machinery gets sucked into a plane’s engine, it won’t be a pretty sight. 

Pack some binoculars on your next flight and keep your eyes openyou never know who's watching.
[via Gizmodo]