Date: March 2011
Location: Savannah, GA

It was was busy St. Patrick's Day Weekend in Savannah back in 2011, as 190 people were arrested. Of those 190 arrests, the top five most common arrests went as follows:

27 arrests for disorderly conduct

17 arrests for public urination

13 arrests for public urination

9 arrests for affray

7 arrests for public intoxication

The best arrest of all came that Saturday night, when undercover cops noticed Brandon Rice trying to break into patrol cars. Completely unaware of their identities, he asked them to act as look-outs for him. They helped him alrightright into handcuffs. Rice was charged with criminal intent to enter an automobile, among other things.

Last year, Patricia Shields of Columbia, SC sued the city of Savannah after she was arrested by Savannah-Chatham Metro Cpl. Aaron McKie in 2011 after broke out among a group of women. According to her attorney, Mark Tate, Shields was beaten with a baton and sprayed in the face with mace and slammed her to the ground in such a violent manor that she has a "permanent deformation" on her thigh. Shields sued the city for assault and battery, false arrest, and emotional distress. Furthermore, she claimed the city neglected to provide Cpl. McKie with the proper training, so he should've never been deployed to address the incident. What's St. Patty's Day without a lawsuit?