Who are your biggest influences when it comes to your music?

Squarepusher is my biggest, but I'm also a big fan of DJ Predator.

When you are touring, how do you manage your hectic schedule?

I'm lucky I have people around to do that, but usually just through details. I can always look at my own website if I need to remember what’s up next. [Laughs]

How much do you rely on your smartphone throughout your day?

I’m a lot more active when I’m on tour and on the tour bus. When I have down time, I tend to lose my phone for a few days in order to get creative. But when I’m on the road, I’m full on!

The Droid Razr Maxx HD smartphone by Motorola has a 32 hour battery life. Would that kind of battery life help you out?

I always forget to charge my phone, so for me it's cool because I don’t ever run out of battery!

So you’ve been in the situation where your phone’s died on you before?

Always in airports! Always. If my flight’s delayed, I’ll need to call and let people know I’ll be on the next one, but my phone’s dead!

What can fans look forward to from Rusko in 2013?

I’m gonna make a dub EP and I think a summer smasher EP. I just want to be creative!

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