This douche thinks that making assumptions about each person he meets makes him worldly. He has taken tiny aspects of every part of black sub-culture and combined them into his "unique" style, which allows him to mercilessly criticize and condescend to those around him. At a moment's notice, he is ready to share his enlightened view of the world, despite the fact that he hasn't left Harlem since he departed his frat brothers at that HBCU. Don't even try to relate to him—if you tell him you also enjoy Erykah Badu, he'll be mean-mugging you all night.

1. Spikey afro 
2. Fingers in the air in a perpetual snap, because that's still relevant
3. Africa necklace and wooden beaded bracelets that he says his great uncle (twice removed) who was a Black Panther gave to him
4. Dressed like De La Soul circa Buhloone Mindstate

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