Joel McHale is a national treasure. As host of The Soup he watches all that trash, so we don't have to! He also stars as Jeff Winger on the beloved but ailing NBC sitcom, Community.

Everyone's favorite smartass stopped by Larry King Now and answered a few questions from social media. "Would you entertain the thought of hosting the Oscars?" asked a fan via Facebook.

"Would I entertain the thought? I just entertained it. I was very entertained! So was the the thought," he joked. 

"What if they called you?" King said. "Yeah...they're not gonna call me." Tina Fey and Amy Poehler may be fending off offers, but McHale?

"Look, I work on E! I'm just trying to host a celebrity roast of some sort. I'm happy—I would be a seat filler. I thought Seth was great."

There you have it, folks. McHale is great, but he's probably right—we're not sure he'd be up to the whole song-and-dance of it. Then again, we've never seen him do anything like that, so maybe he'd nail it. Whose celebrity roast would you like to see him host? We know he'd be great at that.

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