Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz wants a film based on the show as much as we do, but, apparently, he doesn't know when that might become a reality - if ever.

According to Indiewire, during a presentation with stars Jeffery Tambor and Will Arnett as SXSW, Hurwitz explained: "We very much want to do it...I have to do my due diligence - I really don't mean to be passing the buck and say 'well, they're not paying for a movie.' I've got to go through the steps, I've got to pitch it to them, they're probably going to need to see a script first, which is not how we've done it in television," he said. "In television you just do a pilot and then you've got a series and you're doing it every week, so this is probably going to go through some approval process."

So, it's not totally bad news - plus, as Hurwitz also said, we do have the 14 new episodes to look forward to. "We have nothing else right now. Here's what we have: we have the whole story. The whole thing evolved because we wanted to do a movie and we have too much information for the movie...It was a complicated thing to get moving, not because anybody wasn't motivated, but because everybody's got their own lives," he explained.

"We do have these 14 episodes that are about to air, and people are already mad that we don't have the other - nobody's even seen these. Let's just enjoy this for now."

The fourth season of Arrested Development is set to premiere in its entirity on Netflix this May.

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[via Indiewire]