That TV pilot Amy Poehler was producing based on the Abbi Jacobson- Ilana Glazer-starring web series Broad City is moving forward. According to Deadline, Comedy Central has just given the project a 10-episode order, and the show should premiere some time in 2014. 

The web series originally began in 2010, and was set to premiere on FX some time in 2011. That deal ended up falling through, but fortunately Poehler brought the series to Comedy Central last year. The series follows two friends, portrayed by Jacobson and Glazer, who live in New York City and get themselves into situations that are both hilarious and cringe-worthy. 

"I'm excited to work with Comedy Central and introduce Abbi and Ilana to America. And all the other countries. And also Mars. We've got big plans," Poehler commented on the pick-up. 

If you haven't yet enriched your lives with this show yet, you can check out all the web episodes of Broad City here.

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[via Deadline]