What's beef? Beef is potentially sending your nemesis to jail for laughing to loudly inside their home. 42-year-old Long Island resident Robert Schiavelli received two tickets for disturbing the peaceeach of which comes along with a $250 fine and 15 days in jailafter his neighbor called the police and complained about his loud laughter.

Schiavelli lives with his mother because of neurological issues and constant seizures, and says that he uses laughter to battle constant torment from Daniel O'Hanian. According to Schiavelli, O'Hanian frequently makes fun of his disability. "What else are you supposed to do when someone calls you a retard?" Schiavelli asked.

Andrew Campanelli, Schiavelli's attorney, scoffed at the case. "My client faces 30 days in jail for laughing...I will never let him take a plea on this." Though O'Hanian refused to speak to the New York Post, his wife noted that the tickets were evidence of how serious police took the situation.

On Tuesday, a judge at Schiavelli's arraignment said he was "not so inclined" to toss the charges out. 

[via Gawker]