Song: "No Diggity" by Blackstreet
Level Of Embarrassment: Medium embarrassing, until she sings and then you're like, "Holy shit, never mind."

Pitch Perfect is a hilarious story of an underdog team in an unexpected world, and the hero of the group is none other than Broadway baby Anna Kendrick. Also unexpected? That the Academy Award and Tony Award nominee, Kendrick, can rap Blackstreet like she's been singing it in the car since middle school. It's like she genuinely surprises herself when it bubbles up from inside of her—it's the core of her being. "No Diggity" is within her soul, man. The rest of her teammates, and the crowd at the riff-off they're competing in, are left to wonder, "What the hell was that?" while she slowly encourages her band of misfits to join in. —TA