Song: N/A (Self-written battle raps)
Level Of Embarrassment: Actually, this one's 10 times better than most other rapping scenes in movie history

Leave it to G.O.A.T. nominee Eminem to give white rap fans something to be proud of on the big screen. Whereas the rest of the vanilla actors in this countdown make self-respecting Caucasians cringe from embarrassment, Marshall Mathers' loosely biographical character, B-Rabbit, in the empowering 2002 drama 8 Mile gives those same viewers reasons to cheer long before he grabs a microphone.

His mother is a mess, his little sister is often left alone inside their crappy trailer, and his girl sleeps with another dude—rather than go postal, though, Sir Rabbit retaliates against his many oppressors the only way he knows how to: coming off the dome to verbally annihilate the non-white MCs who laughed at him every step of the way prior to their lyrical assassinations. Which is precisely what Eminem himself did before "My Name Is..." exploded onto MTV's Total Request Live back in 1999. That's keeping it real. —MB