What it communicates: Too many interpretations to list.

You tried to seduce girls with it in high school, and here you are again, going for broke with the same old moves. But, instead of using a blank CD, you're sharing a carefully curated playlist on Spotify.

Admittedly, mixes are the perfect vehicle for expressing your personality, sexy time style, and romantic ambitions. But it also poses many risks. Will you resent her if she doesn't understand why you chose Frank Ocean's "Pyramids" to express your feelings? How will you react if you find out that she played the entire mix only once, and used it as a background soundtrack while cleaning her apartment?

If you're the type of couple who shares headphones on the train with nary an argument over which song to play, this gift was made for you; she'll know exactly what each track means from start to finish. But if she's not on the same page, you may have just sent her 12 tracks worth of mixed signals.