Just a word to the wise for the next year: don't get into an argument on Valentine's Day, because it might result in a trip to the hospital. 51-year-old Elaine Cook of Skokie, IL was arrested for biting off a chunk of her boyfriend's tongue in the heat of a V-Day spat. The boyfriend claims that he tried to resolve the argument by kissing Cook, but she was having none of that.

The man immediately placed his tongue on ice and paramedics rushed him to the hospital, but doctors couldn't reattach it because of an "inadequate blood supply." The man, who lost most of the right side of his tongue, still has love for Cook. In fact, he said he was "sick to [his] stomach" that she was "sitting in jail."

Cook faces charges of felony domestic battery, but at least she has a man who loves her through thick and thin.

[via Chicagoist]