Though we're still having trouble accepting it, 30 Rock is now over, which means that Tina Fey is free to focus on films. Her first post-NBC project? According to Deadline, it's looking like it's going to be a film from Universal called The Nest, which may be directed by Pitch Perfect helmer Jason Moore. Nothing is confirmed yet, but Moore - whose film Pitch Perfect ended up turning into a surprisingly major cult hit - is reportedly in deep negotiations to join the production. 

Based on an original idea and script by Saturday Night Live writer Paula Pell, the film is described as a comedy that will focus on two thirtysomething sisters who discover that their parents are selling their childhood home. As a result, the two spend a last weekend together going wild, bonding, and "finally growing up." Fey, should she join the project, would presumably portray one of the sisters. 

We know it's a stretch, but can we nominate Amy Poehler to portray the second sister? Sure, they don't look anything alike, but genetics can work in strange ways. Make it happen, Universal.

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