Year: 2010
Buyer: Calvin Ayre

We do, however, know a lot about the sale of We'll let the buyer tell you why he spent such a crazy amount on something that's not sure to bring a return on his investment:

"Even at $5.5m, I'm convinced the price was a steal. It's the strongest gaming-related domain out there and just a very cool domain to turn into a global brand. In that regard, it certainly doesn't hurt that we're getting a lot of help in publicizing our brand from the sex-crazed media. The press we garnered from the initial purchase was massive, but now every single press mention of the sale has also mentioned by way of comparison. There have been over 100 press mentions across the globe in the past week alone. When you look at the costs involved in fostering a brand identity on a truly global basis, the free publicity has already made up what we paid for the domain. History will bear me out – this is one of the best deals I have ever made."