Address: 536 Frenchmen St.

For decades, Frenchmen Street was considered the anti-Bourbon Street. Small music clubs with tasteful decor and music-savvy crowds made it an oasis within walking distance of the French Quarter's most notoriously cheesy thoroughfare. Although a few old-school bars have managed to maintain their cool (d.b.a., The Spotted Cat), several newcomers have attracted a brand of douche who think that by frequenting the street, they are masking their inherent douchiness. The Three Muses and their hype machine have only made it that much more attractive to hipster tourist douches looking for an authentic New Orleans experience. Trying to be "authentic" as hard as they do (one of the owners goes by the moniker "X-topher") creates a room full of sheep who visited Williamsburg in 2006, still wear the same clothes they bought on that trip, and think they've been published if they write a review on Yelp.