A group is trying to shorten the name of Queens neighborhood Long Island City to "LIC," mostly because they feel the current name is too long and misleading. According to Rob MacKay, the head of the Queens Local Development Corp. Tourism Council, the name change has to happen because it's "bad for hotels, it’s bad for real estate, and it’s bad for morale." 

As expected, everyone isn't in favor of the name change. Gothamist received an email from a "longtime Queens resident" who feels that this push to make Long Island City "cool" is motivated by gentrification:

The working class residents are being shoved aside in favor of people who can afford the new apartments. And why does a neighborhood need a 'cool factor'? What will the yuppies do when they find the #7 usually doesn't go there on weekend after weekend? I forgot, they take limos and cabs. You move to Queens, you're a Queensite, own it.

So should the name remain as it is, or should the Queens Local Development Corp. Tourism Council keep trying to make "LIC" happen?

[via Gothamist]