Shia LaBeouf was supposed to star in Orphans on Broadway next month, but he's quit due to "creative differences." Specifically, creative differences with the famously volatile Alec Baldwin.

Although LaBeouf's Twitter is mostly him retweeting praise for his latest movie, lately he's posted screenshots of emails regarding his exit and problems at rehearsal. Including putting his hand through a door. 

There's also an email from Baldwin himself. And no, he doesn't call LaBeouf a "thoughtless little pig."

He also tweeted about costar Tom Sturridge (On the Road), saying that he's a "good dude," along with an email from him. Maybe Shia should get a blog.

A statement from the producers said they'd be announcing LaBeouf's replacement soon—we're guessing they're scrambling to find someone. Orphans is a revival of the 1983 Lyle Kessler play about a wealthy man (Baldwin) kidnapped by orphaned brothers and "becomes the father figure they'd always  yearned for."

"Dan" (possibly director Dan Sullivan) emailed LaBeouf that he should've known he was incompatible with Baldwin. Yeah, we probably could've guessed that too. 

UPDATE: He stole his apology from Esquire.

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[via Digital Spy]