Who needs caped vigilantes when you have Kai, the Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker. The Internet found a hero this week on the scene of a horrid automobile accident in Fresno, Calif., involving a driver, claiming he is Jesus Christ, who pummeled into a city worker with his vehicle. Luckily for the targeted victim and bystanders, Kai, who happened to be riding in the passenger's seat summoned the courage and a hatchet to stop the disturbed man.

In the YouTube video uploaded by local television station KMPH, Kai gives an abundant account of his audacious save. Since February 2, the video has received nearly 850,000 views. Unsurprisingly, several memes and auto-tuned songs incorporating the news footage have cropped up.

"I was in the passenger side of this ******'s car and he comes over around there and he was over by the recycling center when he says, 'When I was in the Virgin Islands, 30 years old on a business trip, I raped this 14 year old.' Gives me a big hug. He was driving down this way when he said, 'I come to realize that I'm Jesus Christ and I can do anything I ******* want to and watch this,'" Kai said in the video.

Kai, the primary witness, describes how the "300-pound man" drove his car into an unsuspecting city worker standing on the street, pinning him against his truck. According to the hitchhiker, he took action by grabbing the keys from out of the car's ignition and stopped the "crazed" driver from hurting anyone else on the scene.

[via KMPH]