Just like Lena Dunham  - who admitted to reading and "get[ting] off" on bad reviews of her HBO series Girls - star Jemima Kirke too sometimes scours the web for articles and criticisms about the show. Something to remember when you write long-winded blog posts critisizing the series!

"I do read everything," Kirke, who portrays the free-spirited Jessa Johansson on the series, told Vulture. "I read all the comments; I never intentionally shut it off or avoid reading it. I like to read it all. Some of it’s annoying and wrong and misinformed and even hurtful sometimes — the backlash."

The wrong reviews, she adds, are the ones she feels are "direct strikes" at her and Dunham. "I think my first experience with reading something that wasn’t positive, I was really offended. And really hurt," she explained. "And now there’s so much of it, I’m just not anymore. I’m just like, Oh, that was a witty one, ha-ha-ha."

Kirke also added that she currently isn't too similar to her character Jessa, but she used to be - and, as interesting it is that Dunham was able to craft a show and weave in elements of reality, i can get uncomfortable at points.

"The way I used to behave, some of my behaviors are similar," She explained. "I cringe. Because I’m like, I really don’t want to have to put that on camera. Can we please not hear how that sounds out loud? Can we please not see how that looks? ... It’s as if you just had a conversation on the phone with your boyfriend and someone says, “Okay. And now let’s go onstage and perform it.” It’s horrible! I just said some of the lamest stuff, and it was stupid and I was manipulative." We're going to go ahead and assume Dunham took some creative liberties with the whole surprise wedding thing, though.

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[via Vulture]