G4 TV will no longer be a place to watch competitive gaming, ogle a rotating cast of attractive female co-hosts, or get your gaming news. 

G4 television network becomes The Esquire Network this April 22 in an attempt to re-brand the network for a larger audience. Named after the magazine, The Esquire Network hopes to be a sophisticated men's lifestyle focused affair. That means no more 15 minute segments on Borderlands 2 Easter eggs.

New programming will focus on lifestyle and travel shows. NBC cable executive Bonnie Hammer went on to talk about the netwok's new show Knife Fight, another chef and cooking competition type of endeavor. The whole things sounds like the television equivalent to reading Maxim Magazine.

Snarky as that may sound, guess we're just bummed. G4 was one of the few places on cable that we could count on not to suck twenty four hours a day. What do you guys think? Let us know if this is something you'll be watching.

[via New York Times]