Though it sounds a little more like something that someone like Chevy Chase would say, according to Grantland, it was instead ousted Community creator Dan Harmon ragging on television shows as a whole - including his own series. Did he Freaky Friday switch with Chase, or something? Should we be worried?

Harmon shared his feelings with the site as they followed him on a few dates of his Harmontown live podcast tour:

When 30 Rock lands on the cover of Rolling Stone, when any television show is lionized for being "smart," someone's laughing all the way to the bank — some company, it used to be General Electric, but now it's Comcast. That there's a difference between any of this shit is the greatest joke that television ever told. I mean, as the creator of Community, I'm telling you: It's all garbage. And the idea that my garbage, y'know, needed a better time slot or deserved an Emmy or didn't deserve an Emmy, the idea that it was better or worse than 30 Rock or Arrested Development or Freaks and Geeks and all that shit — you only have to take a couple steps back before you realize that you're looking at a bunch of goddamn baby food made out of corn syrup. It's just a big blob of fucking garbage. The medium is dispensed to people who can't feed back, can't change it, who only get it in 20-minute chunks interrupted by commercials, and you're watching either really well-written jokes or so-so-written jokes or terribly written jokes, but you're just watching jokes written by a bunch of people who all have one thing in common: They're not allowed to say whatever they're thinking! They're not allowed. You're definitely not getting truth; you're getting lies.

Really, we can't blame him, being kicked off a show you created would definitely make a person a little bitter - and he's got a point, unlike Chase did during his lengthy diatribes about comedy television. On second though, scratch that Freaky Friday theory.

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[via Grantland]