Before you turn your nose up at your bartender or waitress (which you should never do), consider that they might make more money than you do. Sarah Speros, a bartender in New York, says she made $96,000 last year. Just to make you even more envious, that didn't include holiday pay, cash tips, overtime or insurance. Speros, who says her hotel's starting wage is $26 per hour, calls her job "hard to beat."

"There are few people on Broadway who make as much as I do," Speros explained. However, keep in mind that every service industry gig isn't as lucrative. "They are few and far between," she added. "I have been in New York for almost eight years now working in the service industry, getting to know people, and a friend of mine got me this opportunity and I haven't looked back since."

Data from a survey suggests that the average salary for a service industry employee in Houston, TX is $49,000 annually. Considering the cost of living, that's not too bad either.

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[via The Huffington Post]