Looks like Zack Snyder is working on a Star Wars project after all, despite expressing that he had no interest in doing so - it's just not the same film everyone thought it would be. According to Vulture, the 300 director is set to develop a new project for the now Disney-helmed Lucasfilm that will be based in the Star Wars universe and "parallel" to the upcoming trilogy (which kicks off with Episode VII in 2015).

The new film, which is still untitled, is described as an "epic" that is loosely based on the 1954 Akira Kurosawa film, Seven Samurai - a film George Lucas has previously stated is "a brilliant, brilliant film" - with jedis and lightsabers instead of samurais and swords. 

Timeline-wise, it's not too clear when the film will take place, but an insider close to the project says it may be a stand-alone film set after Episode VI. Production will likely begin after Episode VII's starts.

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[via Vulture]