If the average schmo who logs in to OKCupid looks at 20 or so profiles, you know he's missing out on a lot of prospects. OKCupid's new Crazy Blind Date app hopes to change that. 

The app, which was released today and is free for both Apple and Android users, is designed to bypass the back-and-forth that often makes us lose interest, Businessweek reports. Users enter their name, age, sexual orientation, along with a photograph, and tell the app when they're free. Then OkCupid checks around to see if anyone's available and might be a suitable match. 

Dates aren't totally blind—the profile photos are scrambled—but things could get interesting.  After the date, you tell the app how it went and the better it was, the more you pay for it, from zero up to $3. 

“If it were a perfect world, I would charge by success,” Sam Yagan, the site's founder, told Businessweek. “If you could start a dating site where you just got paid for marriage or sex, that’d be pretty cool. This is the closest we can come.”

[via Businessweek]